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Goodness me, you’re actually here to read this stuff. Okay umm, privacy policy, right. This shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack. Here comes the humpty dumpty.

As copywriters, we back ourselves with lawyers’ pledge, what you say or share always stays privileged. We are required by law to keep our lips sealed tighter than a vault. So long you don’t come up with any murder confession, we’ll be okay. Murdering a Monday to make your money, those are off limits. Those kind of graphic details will help us work up a pill for your problem.

We guard your personal details like our very own bank account password. So expect high level of confidentiality in every step of the interaction. All digital transmission or communications are protected using industry grade encryption. Our site is hosted on 256-bit SSL encryption, about as secure as the Federal Reserve of United States because they use the same grade encryptions.

Payment Security

All payments are processed using industry’s leading payment processors with robust financial security to safeguard your financial details. We use Xero for our invoicing who has partnered with Paypal and leading credit card processors. At no point, do our site gets access to your financial details, as they are processed separately on the nodes of those respective payment processors.

Any questions, you can email over to us here at


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