Red Pill


You’ve taken the red pill.

You’ll see the truth as they are.

Truths that will give you clarity, might hurt your feelings a fair bit too.

You’re feeling sadly dud-ly stuck in your 6 x 2 bathtub while your rivals might be enjoying their very own Michigan lake. The shift to beachfront property lifestyle won’t be overnight and certainly won’t be a few pillow push to get there.

Copywriting alone won’t get you there.

Neither will run-of-the-mill marketing agency, and a service team often busy catching more yawns than promptly catching up with customer emails and their problems.

Building a business is three part:

A great product backed by great marketing and hiring superheroes for your service team,

One that solves problem for your customers instead of throwing one at them,

Now you can sell just about any ordinary product with no fuss, no frill and still take it to stratospheric heights.

But to generate that stampede of orders that eventually buys you out for $50 million, you need a marketing gun that gives Ogilvy a run for his money.

Or in the case of Michael Dubin, the founder of DollarShaveClub, an all cash deal of $1 bill, bill as in billion. The one that ends with nine 0’s.

That’s the magic three letter concoction, PMT.

Great PRODUCT, great MARKETING, great TEAM.

And that’s all he did, got the PMT right. To be honest his product was average but still made a billion because the price point was a zombie loot in the market.

He cleared a forest of competition like Japanese Ninja and gobbled up over 7% of razor market in United States in under 4 years. And eventually bought out by a very unhappy Unilever.


Take a breather before we move to part 2 of my truth rant.


If you were looking for one hit wonder here, let me break it to you.

This isn’t it. Nothing is.

Those Get-Rich-Gurus selling quick-rich-dreams makes money for only one guy.

There is no other way, other than many grueling nights before you hear your Paypal ringing transactions like Christmas bell.

Before you start making money damn near automatic.

Building a business takes incredible resolve.

It’s a long way away before the business attract a ton of traffic, generate a ton of great feedback and leave you in a bathtub full of money,

And slowly everything keeps rolling like hamster wheel.

That’s when you can take your foot off the pedal. When you can turn your Tuesday into a weekend. For all your know, you can take the entire month off,

And not a thing would feel out of place at your business. Because you’ve built an engine that is self-sustaining, a sales machine on autopilot.

Repeat after me, good is not enough.

To make your very own hamster wheel, you need to rise above the rest like Everest.

In a world saturated with hyper hungry sellers, the only way to be the alpha of this jungle called e-commerce, it’s quite simply this: Boring work always bring premium dividends. Keep tinkering till your trickle turns into Niagara’s Fall.

And finally measure your performance metrics, because what gets measured gets improved.


I’m note done yet. I want you to see right through me.


When I sing my sales siren song that reads like this,

“Our tinkering trait always turns that trickle into a flood,

Wait till you see the tidal waves of traffic flooding your funnel,

Sales orders pouring down from the cloud like torrential downpour.”

Or this,

“Basically you’ll be eating through competition like a plate full of cookies. We forage from the wild forest that is the internet and marinate our “cherry-picked” ideas overnight to cook a goddamn delicius copy that will fill your bank right up.”

Or this,

“When we begin to write, we become water…

Fluid in our movement, clear in our ideas, we flow from one fountain to the next to find your mermaid!

And we don’t stop until we come back with 10 of them.”

For my copywriting to transform your bottom line like Midas touch. You need to get your PMT in order.

I measure twice, cut once. So your copy comes with the grace of finest cashmere in its sartorial elegance.

And that’s all I merely do. Write blockbuster copy on lackluster budget.

But if you need honest, one to one consultation about how to push through the wolves prowling the market and put your business on an offense that leaves rivals running for cover,

Or how to channel your inner Marie Forleo. So, you can sell your course selling like Sundae on a hot sumemer day,

You can hire me as a consultant. And I’ll give advice clear as forest wind on how to move forward that can generate growth.

Since you’ve come down this far, I’ll give some advice for free.

If you’ve set your sight that far, ask yourself, if you have the screen presence with a star personality to match.

You might be the finest butcher in town, but selling them game is something else entirely.

Few are naturally gifted, other requires some screen training. Personal coaches, who can channel your very own inner Marie Forleo.

Finally lets plug you in to the deep end. You want your one line growth hack?

Deliver more value than anyone else and you’ll crush the niche you’re in.

Hey fur-end, Your competition is looking awfully tasty. Mind if I take a bite out of their sales?