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Ye enterin’ the seven seas of legal notice.

Ahoy me hearties, if ye’re here fer good intents then ye be welcomed aboard. But raise no sail near this shore if ye be plannin’ any purloin or pilferin, beware! Ye see, this shore is put under lock and key by The Copyright Act 1968 of Australia ‘n heavily guarded under all them other applicable laws governing copyrights at local, federal and international levels. Mighty scary stuff I tell ye.

Any infringement of this law will surely be met with rum deprivation ‘n the mighty guillotine (replace ’em blades with chopped onions, so ye be cryin’ all day long). Arrr, we take original content very seriously here, ‘n strictly verboten is the plunderin’ of information from these pages – such thievery can only land ye in choppy waters matey!

No parts of this shore can be used or reproduced in any form by electronic or other means, without express permission in writing from Copywriting Services Pty Ltd. There now, ye be well informed. Turn tail and head in th’ opposite direction, now git going if ye know what’s good for ye, lest ye wish to walk the plank.

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Hey fur-end, Your competition is looking awfully tasty. Mind if I take a bite out of their sales?