Pinky promise, this copywriter works.

If you want killer copy that converts into cash, then Ka-ching! You’ve got yourself the MacGyver of Copywriter, we turn everyday words into weapons of sales destruction. *Destruction for your rivals, champagne celebration for you however.*

Firstly, apology in advance for sneaking into your head there for a minute, but it’s clear now after your thoughts smashed into mine.

  • You want high performance copy that converts browsers into buyers.
  • Getting a top dollar copywriter that doesn’t require assaulting your bank balance. Basically, big brand copy at small store prices.
  • Someone who will offer full refund if you are not 100% happy with the service.* Someone who wouldn’t just ghost you after finishing the job.

Pinky promise, this copywriter works. You are scoring that Nike Ad minus the millions in marketing spend, turning your site into a success story.

Guess what? That “too good to be true” just came true for you for once in your life. *Ka-ching

We’re brought together, like 2 wings of the same bird,

2 people in pursuit of excellence with a passion for building business.

Let me show you exactly why my persuasion excellence™ method can bring the Genie to make those 3 wishes come true!

  • Connect with your customers like 2 peas in a pod.
  • Crank up clicks like its Christmas in March.
  • A conversion rate that sounds like the clink of 2 Champagne glass.

Like all great copywriters, my repertoire includes…

  • Walking through the minds of your customers and practically live in their head rent free.
  • Sneak under the hood of your competitors to find what dirty tricks they are up to, using plenty of SASS tools like MOZ, Ahref, Semrush and Similarweb.
  • Carrying scary knowledge on the psychology of sales in today’s attention hungry e-commerce.

You see, when I begin to write, I become water…

Fluid in my movement, clear in my ideas, flowing from one fountain to the next to find your unicorn!

And I don’t stop until I come back with 10 of them.

If there’s words to be written, I will write for you like the 10 commandments, carved in stone with crushing accuracy.

Let’s get those unicorns for you, shall we?

Wow, you’re still reading, I should buy you a cookie for coming down this far.

Let me level with you by shooting straight now.

I can’t magically bring your business to 7 figure revenue.

My copywriting won’t give you 15% conversions, those are hyped boiler room sales tactic.

You see, the holy trinity of e-commerce success is, the 1/3rd rule!

Your business supremacy is built on a brutally effective online footprint:

1/3rd copy, 1/3rd UX design and 1/3rd pictures, videos and reviews.

And baking these 3 in a hot woven with a product that hopefully is not a half baked pie,

Basically backing your business with a toasty pie that’s tasty, something that’s sufficiently competitive.

My copy will then grow your business like Hulk X 2 and then some,

You see, I’m a jack of all trade, master of one: Copywriting.

I can assist you with laying a robust platform for scaling your growth,

And in time make you that mountain you can claim your own.

I’ll leave my portfolio here to crush any last remaining doubts into fine powder. ⬆

PS, I’m ready on the other side of the screen, with my weapon drawn, the keyboard.

With every stroke I will hunt with animal aggression to achieve a copy that will connect, engage and convert.

Hey fur-end, Your competition is looking awfully tasty. Mind if I take a bite out of their sales?