This is not a Copywriting Ad. This is a clarion call to your business.

Get a top dollar copywriter on a rate that sounds like your local bar on happy hour.

Universe has brought us here on a chance encounter, in your hunt for a battle-ready copywriter.

You see, we’re both hunters, you hunt for best value and I hunt for high performance copy.

Just bear with me as a I reveal to you my persuasion excellence™ method.

You want your business to click with your core customers like 2 peas in a pod,

Without assaulting your bank balance.

Someone who has scary knowledge on the psychology of sales in today’s attention hungry e-commerce,

Someone who can step into the minds of your customers and live in their head rent free,

And a writing supremacy that might just wake Shakespeare up,

You see, when I begin to write, I become water…

Fluid in my movement, clear in my ideas, flowing from one fountain to the next to find your unicorn!

And I don’t stop until I come back with 10 of them.

If there’s words to be written, I will write for you like the 10 commandments, carved in stone with crushing accuracy.

Got my toes dipped in pop cultures and hands full with news and social media,

As I finish collecting top secret intel from the minds of your customers and competitors,

I begin to draw my weapon, the keyboard.

With every stroke, I hunt with animal aggression to achieve a copy that will connect, engage and convert browsers into buyers,

And a conversion rate that sounds like the clink of two champagne glass.

Suffice to say, your search for big brand copy at small store prices ends here.

Hey fur-end, Your competition is looking awfully tasty. Mind if I take a bite out of their sales?