If finishing first is on your most wanted list, then this you can’t miss. We’ll whisper into the ears of your customers like their BFF, so they’ll listen to every word you have to say. Basically you’ll be arming your business with BIG BRAND copy on a rate that sounds like your local pub on happy hour. No brainer, its a winner.

The letter below dives deep and I expect you to as well, dive deep that is. Because once you do, you’ll reach the bottom to Atlantis with a prized lost treasure awaiting your arrival. Start scrolling for magic to start.

Dear Business Owners,

Without further ado, let’s start the corporate mating dance,

I mean I do all the ballerina dance but with words, you just sit there and enjoy.

At the end of the show if you’re convinced my words can play with your customers like a winter snowball fight,

You sign me up and see your sales blow up like a pack of dynamite.

Look, I understand skepticism is rampant,

Everyone is selling you a system that promises to make money rain down,

All it requires is a pillow push and shedding $199 from your wallet.

You’re scared to give your guard away,

I’d be too if I were you.

You want to see before you allow your wallet to do any walking,

The same horror drips down your nerve when buying an intangible service,

Where everyone demands a deposit,

And then, crap. One almighty mess.

$hit hits the fan, because you realized you hired Mr. Sleazeball of the year,

Who deserves a slap and then some!

But your deposit is gone like dust in the wind,

Because it’s part of the contract, in case of service cancellation, cry your dollars goodbye.

Suddenly your wallet feels like its bone dry and buried 10 feet under.

So, we crush all your doubts and fears into fine powder. Right here, right now.

You see, I will work with you like the good old days,

Where merchants and customers bought their goods in town square,

If customer likes what they see and a price too good for their wallet,

The transaction takes place.

I know, first step is the hardest,

Once trust takes over, the rest just keeps rolling like hamster wheel.

And for you the first step is the easiest ever.

No penny up front. I will write for you first, without taking a dime as a deposit!

See the result first. If there’s cheers rising, claps echoing,

Only then you hit the buy button.

Zero risk to you. The most stress free transaction you’ll ever make.

Because when I deliver big brand copy at a price point too tempting to refuse (on that note, how does dollar 50 an hour sounds?)

You will keep coming back and we will keep crushing competition together!

And now that’s a fool-proof formula for success.

Keep your client coming back to you backed by a service that is unmatched on price, quality and commitment.

A very small gesture from my part to open the path to a lasting relationship.

You’ll leave higher than where I found you, guaranteed.

Now, download my portfolio and decide if I deserve your hard earned dollars. ⬆

PS, as promised above, here’s your reward for reaching Atlantis. Hire me for 15 hours of work and I will write off $400 from your bill.  *First time clients only *

Hey fur-end, Your competition is looking awfully tasty. Mind if I take a bite out of their sales?